Diamond Greenlight Strike Anywhere Penny Matches


Diamond Greenlight Strike Anywhere Penny Matches

  • 10 Boxes of 32 Matches Per Box  = 320 Matches Total
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  • Easy to Light
  • Strong, Sturdy Splint
  • Burns clean with minimal smoke
  • Safe, nontoxic head
  • Ideal for lighting candles, stoves, grills, fireplaces, campfires and more
  • Total Length = 1 3/4″
  • Model No: 372219-10
  • UPC Code: 048789045553
  • 10 Boxes of 32 Matches Per Box  = 320 Matches Total

Greenlight™ Strike Anywhere Matches
By Diamond® matches work no matter what, which is why we have been the #1 match brand for over 125 years.
The Aspen splint that each match is made from is sturdy, the match head is nontoxic (and, yes, you ought to keep them away from kids, but at least you know it’s nontoxic!) and most importantly – these strike anywhere matches are Very, Very hard to find!!!! The built-in striker on the sides of the package is such a simple thing, but a huge convenience. Of course, Strike Anywhere matches do not require the box to start your match, making them excellent for camping, hiking and other outdoor needs – leave the rather delicate cardboard box at home and carry just a few in a watertight container.
Since I started using Diamond matches camping with parents when I was little I’ve always preferred to use these, when practical, over a lighter because they are wood – they are biodegrade. They’re incredibly light and very cheap. And may I say they are fun to use!!!

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This item contains hazardous or flammable materials and is restricted to surface shipping only.

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